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About Us

Our school is located in Aliağa which is a district of Izmir, the third biggest city in Turkey. Our district is located on the Aegean Sea coast.. It is an industrial city and the main economic activity is petrochemicals and an oil refinery, which are the largest organised industries in Turkey. The Port of Aliağa lies on the southern shores of the Bay of Aliağa. The port mainly consists of oil product terminals and refineries. Apart from these, there is a ship dismantling yard in Aliağa,which is the fourth in the world list since 1976.As a result of this industrialization, the migration to Aliağa from other parts of Turkey is at a high level.
Gazi Ortaokulu is a public school. The number of students is 275 and the number of teachers is 22. Apart from these, we have got two kindergartens in our school. Aliağa Gazi Ortaokulu is located in an area where all the houses of Petkim’s workers are. Generally, our students are from different social and cultural backgrounds. Our school consists of students from various cultures, who are the children of families migrated here with the hope for better job opportunities and better life conditions.
Based on the new education system, lessons start at 9 and finish at 16.40 at most.
As our town is in the industrial region of Izmir, migration from other parts of Turkey is at a high level. For this reason, our students have the characteristics of different geographical regions.
Apart from these, we are an eco school and have got a green flag. The teachers and the students take part in different kinds of activities related with the environment.

We were a host organization for a preperatory visit that took part from 27/11/2012 to 02/12/2012. Recently we have applied for a Comenius grant adn waiting for the results. The partners of this project are : Poland (coordinator), Greece,Italy,Finland,England,Portugal and France. We believe that our Project will contribute a lot to the process of our being a member of the European Union. The Project aims at establishing international teams of work which will effectively enhance student-teacher partnership in education both with students and teachers.

On this basis, we will simultaneously bring the opportunity to have a wider knowledge of other countries a better understanding for other ways of life.

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